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Jargon aside, it is a story that I imagine could well be true some time some where… He echoes many of the sentiments we struggle with and I hope one day this story will not be a satire…download pirates of the caribbean dead man s chest

3 thoughts on “Plausible

  1. It’s a great story and I agree, I think we will see it happen one day. The Spirit seems to be telling a lot of people from all around the world the same things at the moment, which is to “start being the Church”. The movement of the Spirit may often start on the fringes, but I believe that it will pervade throughout Christendom.

  2. Man, I just looked up the word ‘gullible’ and found a hairy photo… 🙂

    I know Wayne wasn’t amused, but I kinda figured… if the churches we are part of are getting towards being more about making mortgage repayments, then selling should be seriously considered.

    On the other hand, a bloke over there blogged that their church is never dark, and is a key focal point for the community – that is an excellent ‘3rd space’.

    So – it’s about making sure that if we want the ‘good stuff’, we gotta share it.

    Whether or not you want a building, that’s not a bad principle to abide by. Use it or lose it!

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