Playing for Nothing?


Someone has their head up their dark bits…

The back page of the West Australian today reports that Peter Bell of the Freo Dockers is now ‘playing for nothing’. He is receiving a mere $2000.00/game… Wish I could have made a cool $2K a game back in the basketball days.

To be fair to Bell, he has taken a huge pay cut and it seems is playing for the Dockers more out of loyalty and love for the club as it goes thru a difficult time. Hats off to him for not doing a runner when the money dried up.

But to describe this as ‘playing for nothing’ means somebody needs a reality check.

Given the average wage of a full time worker in WA is around $1300.00 (skewed upwards by some very high mining wages) he is actually on a pretty good lives of the saints the credo download

7 thoughts on “Playing for Nothing?

  1. as per normal the West is full of crap.

    Bell is on a rookie wage…guaranteed about 50, 000, but then gets paid extra for every game he plays….it may end up being that much, it may not.

    It is all relative as well. The average afl footballer lasts 5 years…so they need to make hay while the sun shine….

  2. maybe they meant “nothing” as in there is no point. his super efforts make no difference whether the dockers win or lose.

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