Please no…

The lunatic fringe of faith have launched a new offensive

T Shirts with ‘holy ghost’ inspired words on them.

You can choose from:


“E-Kum-Me-A Shun-Da”

“A popular phrase with the ability to be a combination of “Neo/Fresh”! Inspired by the complexity of moods from the human spirit.”




“Created by the moment of breakthrough as you aspire to reach Greater Dimensions in your life.”

(What would a pentecostal parody be without the word ‘breakthrough’?!)

There are many others also, but my favourite brain out to lunch T shirt is



“Inspired by the more advanced “talker” with a “C.O.G.ictilic” flair. This phrase is really hot when you roll the R’s with your tongue and flow the syllables effortlessly.”

Now don’t you buy that shirt if you aren’t an advanced talker!

The wonderful thing about these shirts is that they are available in a multitude of colours such as “Fresh Annointing Fuschia” or “Lord Annointing Lime”…

There’s nothing else to say really…

Oh yeah – they’re $37.00… bargain…


7 thoughts on “Please no…

  1. I’m sure that in a just world someone would get arrested in an airport for wearing a shirt with such inexplicable and thus certainly subversive message on it.

    Much like the poor guy who got hauled off a plane for wearing a shirt with the word ‘Peace’ on it in Arabic.

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