Post Holidays Car Conversation


So we just got back from a great two weeks of holidays and driving to church today I asked the family – so what was the highlight of the last two weeks of holidays?

Ellie – ‘hmmm hanging with our friends’

Sam – ‘yep – fun with the Wesleys’

Danelle ‘same’

Me – ‘haha – yeah that was it for me too’

Then Sam asks ‘what about your low points dad? Got any?’

Me ‘the never ending rain, the dipstick neighbours, the wind that came once the rain ended, the lack of surf, the coffee machine dying, the toilet breaking, our crap fishing efforts, my (other) knee giving me pain, stuffing up the campsite bookings…’ I stopped there.

I’m sure there was more, but the point was made. When you hang out with good people you can have a great time even if the weather, surf, fish and everything else conspire against you.

We won’t be heading back to Exmouth again in July, but it was a fun holiday anyway!


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