Pre-faith gifting

One of the interesting concepts Andrew Dowsett shared at our Forge intensive last year was his belief that the various gifts mentioned in Eph 4 are part of the ‘creation order’ – ie we are born with certain unclinations and talents, (which is why non-Christian people who are entrepeneurial would appear apostolic, caring people would appear pastoral etc) however as a person is regenerated these gifts then become reconfigured and used in the ‘redemption order’. (Correct me if I have misrepresented you Andrew!)

I can certainly buy the notion that we are born with (or maybe more accurately develop in) certain gifting areas. A sensitive person is more likely to be pastoral. So… if Andrew’s theory is accurate, and it may well be, what does that mean for people with gifts of knowledge/prophecy etc.

Is it possible that a ‘pre-faith’ person is able to accurately discern spiritual stuff and may have a gift of ‘prophecy / word of knowledge’?

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