Yesterday we met as a Brighton team to discuss some form and structure for 2004. If you read a previous post of mine you would know that I am a fan of structure of some sort.

In previous meetings where we have discussed this, we seem to have ‘spun our wheels’ and got bogged – I was never sure why.

On Friday Danelle felt God was telling her that we needed to pray for clarity and pray that the atmosphere of ‘confusion’ we had been experiencing would lift. She felt the confuddled planning meetings we had been having were a result of a spiritual dynamic at work. We prayed Friday evening for that and the next morning we took time to pray again that we would have clarity and agreement on a way forward.

It happened!

We had allocated from 9.30-4.00pm to discuss and map out the plan for 2004, but amazingly we were all done by midday and people were very positive about the way ahead.

So we had lunch, hung out for a bit and had a cruisy afternoon.

Thanks God…

Over the next few days I’ll post some thoughts on what we will be doing as a team next year and some of the issues we have been working thru.

I am feeling relieved to have clarity as I have actually felt a significant sense of depression prior to recent team meetings as well as anxiety after them. I am not a melancholic person and I don’t get ‘down’ easily so I knew something was amiss.

It seems we are in a spiritual battle of sorts… (well hello!)

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