Propaganda Works

Sadly… propaganda works

I wish I could easily recall a time when I heard a politician from the left side of politics actually affirm the decision of someone on the ‘right’, or vice versa. But it seems that written into the political job description is ‘except in the most embarrassingly obvious situations DISAGREE at all costs!’

It seems every time the left has an idea the right will fault it… Or every time the right do something well the left find flaws.

If life were as black and white as some politicians make it sound then it would be simple to choose who to vote for… But what you actually read is not pure information or even reasoned opinion, but ‘propaganda’ – a unique kind of perspective and one that actually insults the intelligence of the listener.

It assumes we are dumb enough to see complex questions as having simple solutions. It assumes us = good and them = bad.

It ought to be an embarrassment to the people who use it, and it should be – except that it works! People fall for the nonsense that gets said on tv and in the media – more fool us…

Let’s be honest folks – no political party has all the right answers – nor is any of them devoid of some useful insights, but the rabid bickering and arguing that seems to characterise so much of the political game is so tedious.

In fact its one of the main reasons I have never run for prime minister…

4 thoughts on “Propaganda Works

  1. Julia Gillard [left] gave Peter Costello [right] a wonderful wrap the other day, when Costello announced his retirement from Parliament.

  2. Yes, I have a friend who I knew and worked with for many years before he become a MP. As soon as he started running for office, there became a significant change around everything that he would do. You could see that everything he did was calculated.

    And someone who I could previously only describe as gently suddenly started using scathing words to describe his political opponents.

    Strange. Don’t blame you for wanting to avoid being PM.

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