Ok before you go any further this post has some very bad language in it. If that’s a problem to you then back out now…

You’re sure you want to keep going?…

Because I don’t want to get comments telling me that it was offensive… If nothing else I’d get annoyed because you missed the point!

Ok, I came across these two pieces this week and I’d suggest they are brilliant prophetic statements. They aren’t Christians (as far as I know) and in fact they are quite confronting in their content, but if you have ears to hear then you will feel what is said.

The first is a bloke in England on a bit of a ‘social experiment’, and the second is Aussie comedian Tim Minchin at the Melbourne Comedy Festival (a fundraiser for Oxfam) really calling people out on their true convictions.

Unpleasant, but then that’s why we need prophets – because they will say the stuff that the rest of us feel offended by or can’t see.

For those who have ears to hear…

Thanks to my bro in law David who pointed me to Minchin. Unfortunately its a catchy song and kinda gets stuck in your head… like it or not…


2 thoughts on “Prophets

  1. Hey Hamo,

    Yeah. I saw the Fuck the Poor video on a homeless guy’s blog earlier this week. Pretty compelling. I’m reminded of a quote ascribed to Tony Campolo where he would say in a talk to a church “400,000 people are going to die of hunger this month and none of you give a shit about it. In fact, most of you are more upset that I just said the word ‘shit’ than you are about 400,000 deaths.”

    There’s something wrong with our convictions here.

  2. I could not care less about the swearing….but Ive always found Minchin with lots of acid questions, and no real answers. By all means question, but sniping from the side is all too easy. Getting involved and helping is something altogether harder. Thats just my thoughts.

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