Prosh and people

I was out today doing my coaching thing in the Leederville Cafe strip, sitting at Greens Cafe with Danny when a woman appraoched and said ‘excuse me,have you guys got a dollar?…’

Well obviously we do because we’re sitting there I thought to myself…

What now? We both simultaneously reached for our wallets but Dan beat me to it so he gave the dollar. As she walked off I found myself wondering how many people had given a dollar this morning?… I’m such a cynic…

Then a few minutes later the Prosh Crew came around selling their annual satirical newspaper and raising money for cystic fibrosis. I happily tipped a stack of money into the tin of the guy who spoke to me – cystic fibrosis seems like a good cause. Then I read the ‘newspaper’ they were selling.

I like satire and I like edgy humour, but this was utter crap with tsunami jokes, bestiality jokes etc. Perhaps its their intention to publish ‘over the edge’ stuff but as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t buy a newspaper off them again and their charity will suffer for it.

Maybe others will feel similar.

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