Another tacky tag line from the people who brought you WWJD… But I get the sense that this is what God is saying to me personally at the moment.

‘Pray until something happens.’

We had a great time at our church gathering on Sunday, discussing the idea of God giving us his spirit and us having ‘dreams and visions’. Danelle asked us to think thru what our dreams and visions are.

One of mine is to see God’s presence very evident in our community and to see people encountering him in undeniable ways and radically re-orienting life around his agenda. In more churchy-speak I think we would call it ‘an unmistakeable move of the holy spirit’.

Yesterday I sensed God giving me a really big kick up the butt in regard to praying for that. There simply is no other action I can take that can make this happen.

Its easy to say ‘we don’t pray enough’ and its also probably true. I know I don’t have sensational prayer experiences to speak of. It just feels like very very hard work at times to pray. Its easy to feel guilty about not praying enough. That’s not a great motivator at all either…

But I can pray.

And if I choose to then there is no reason why I can’t make space in my day to do the ‘work’ of prayer. Yes, prayer is not just about intercession – I know that – its been one of the learnings in this new church experience, but it is also important to still do the work of praying for others and praying for our community.

I probably won’t wear a t-shirt or arm band though…paths of glory online

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