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I think I have exhausted all avenues so here’s a question for the geeks out there!

About a week ago I got the iphone and stopped using my E65, but since then neither the iphone or the E65 have been able to download data on my wireless connection.

The iphone shows it is connected, but won’t download and the E65 (which used to connect easily to the wifi) now shows that it is connected but also won’t transfer data. So I have lost the connection I once had on the E65 and have never been able to establish it with the new iphone.

My ISP don’t want to talk to me and the nice people at iphone don’t want to talk either… The ISP don’t support iphones and the Iphone people don’t deal with individual ISP issues.

What’s weird is:

– my laptop & Danelle’s computer still connects easily

– the iphone connects to other wifi networks with no problems

– the iphone downloads on 3G – when we are within range

I have played around with every setting I can think of, but to no avail.

When Scott bend it like beckham dvd download

the narrow margin dvd

watch waterworld in divx

finally gets his new iphone I want to do a test and see if his connects on my network. Although I’m not altogether sure what that would determine…

I am yet to determine if its the phone, the router or something else.

We have a PPPoE connection thru a cable service (e-wire) and I am wondering if it has something to do with the ‘PPPoE’ thing?

I like solving these puzzles, but after googling every possible forum I’m pretty much done…

Come on tech-heads – who has an answer!!

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  1. have you played around with ip addresses? ie; your network router will have an address like and your phone will need to be or something similar. that could mean it connects but doesnt work…

  2. look under ‘settings’ -> ‘general’ -> ‘network’ for data roaming, try it on or off… whatever it’s not set to – cAUSe that can play up the settings on wi-fi.

    it’s in that area i think you’ll find your answer… what password/WPA encryption u use on your home network matters to – cause it will say connected by you may not have the right password inputed to actually access the network.

  3. thanks guys.

    I tried all of the above – several times over.

    Today I bought a D-link router from Officeworks – because you can return them if they don’t ‘work’ and I managed to get it working.

    Very very strange…

    I am pretty sure the settings are the same so I don’t really know why the dlink works and the netgear doesn’t…

    Anyhoo – problemo solved!!

  4. did you try a master reset on the netgear? could have been some setting u couldn’t find – or it had told you it had changed, but hadn’t really.

    wireless routers are stupid things

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