Quick Update

Just a quick note for those who may wonder where we are and where we have been…

– stopped one night at Fitzroy Crossing – checked out Geiki Gorge – not the most exciting one we had seen and went to Danelle’s grandparent’s gravesites – missionaries up that way for 47 years – stayed at Fitzroy Lodge – a really nice caravan park

– headed to Halls Creek – new drinking regs came in this week – light beer only to be taken away – will be interesting to see the impact – fueled up and on advice of Greg headed to Palm Springs – 45 km down a dirt track with camper in tow – got there ok but a litle dusty – spent two nights at this beautiful place – will write more on that later

– had a bloke lob in on the camp last night – his mates abandoned him and he had been walking all day – 40kms and was about to lose it – he stayed with us and we drove him back into town – a sad tale in many ways…

– now back in Halls Creek – Fatboy at the hosp getting some antibiotics to stop him coughing and me doing a quick check online before we head to El Questro for another couple of nights.

– we have just had a sensational couple of days and are loving it up here.

– will be back online in Kununurra in a few days…download sister s secret a movie

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thou shalt not kill except free

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2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hows it going you lucky bastard just looking at all your photos has made me so travel sick.Deb told me you had a few troubles with your raidiator and air con.Can you remember me telling you over a few ales to check and flush your coolant and even replace your thermastat.You must be having a great time because every photo your all bloody smiling (dont blame you)well you all have fun keep on truckin and be safe and most important drink plenty of the good stuff.

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