Quiet Time

Its been a quiet time here on the blog.

Some days I feel like I absolutely have nothing left to say.

Its a funny feeling… Then in the space of a few days I have a frantic series of bewildering thoughts that I am processing and blogging about.

I think its the whole deal of needing to have experience to reflect upon. I reckon it would be impossible to be perpetually writing – at least stuff that is worth reading. Eventually you would run out of stuff. I have been going thru one of those stages at the moment, but I am sure that in a few weeks / months time I will have had enough new experiences in life to give me things to discuss.

Its also been a busy period with retic work as summer approaches and I have had a lot of jobs on the go concurrently. Its almost at the place where I need to hire a co-worker, however finding people who are prepared to actually work hard is difficult and I would probably rather just go it alone unless a real gem pops up.

At the moment I have been really struggling with either carpal tunnel or arthritis. My hands are sore each day and my finger joints ache. Its a worry because the heaviest months are still to come and I am not sure how the old body will stand up to it. For now, the plan is simply to keep going until my hands drop off – although tomorrow’s Doctors visit may see some other advice given. To be honest I don’t know why I bother going to see the doc. I already know he will suggest rest and I will ignore him…

We are complex people aren’t we?…

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