Rachel Sells Her Soul

I love that episode of the Simpsons where Bart sells his soul to Millhouse for $5.00 and then regrets it. Well… my good friend and our ex Forge team member, Rachel Barr has sold her soul to the coffee devil!!

Hard to believe it could happen to someone you know… but photos don’t lie!

Funnily enough I was down at the local Gloria Jeans today for a coaching appointment and I actually watched one of the staff members sitting on a break having a coffee and throwing sugar caches across the cafe at the other staff who were serving behind the counter. Unbelievable…

I actually quite like GJ’s coffee but I’m not up for a place where staff behave like 9 year old boys on red cordial!

What I love about Gloria’s is how they ask your first name. Am I just evil, or is it genuinely funny to each time come up with a different and completely absurd name?

If we’re going to be friends, then sure, you can have my first name. But don’t be surprised if its Boris, Mohammed, Guiseppi…

If anyone can make GJ’s a goer then Rach will the woman! She is one of those rare talents with great people skills, a highly organised mind and an amazing creative streak. (Bring her back to West Oz Michael!!)

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