Random Camping Observations…

1. 5 months and 27 days to go… How good it is to hear those words!

2. A Jayco Eagle is a very small space to spend the next 5 months and 27 days in… I already have ‘camper envy’ as I look around at people with bigger, better and more lavish accommodation than our little shed on wheels. We did consider a larger option ie caravan or similar, but decided that we would rather save the cost of towing a larger beast. The big advantage to a larger unit would be more space and less pack up/set up, but a with most things in life its all about compromise and choosing what you will forego.

3. On compromise… we were tossing up between taking a chemical toilet or a coffee machine…The decision to take a Breville aroma espresso machine and my Sunbeam grinder has already been a winner. Good coffee in remote areas is worth way more than a walk to the dunny. However because the toilets are still a bit of a hike from our campspot we have created a temporary toilet in the form of a yellow bucket to be used at night by those with weak bladders.

4. The more people at a campsite the less interaction. I reckon if you pull up at a roadside stop with just two other families the chances are you will get to know each other quite well, but in a larger campsite people tend to keep to themselves a bit more. We are funny beings aren’t we?…

5. The Lighthouse Resort in Exmouth is ok, but their primary water supply is very salty bore water. It gets pumped to all washing facilities and drinking water is on tap in the middle of the campsite. Not ideal – just try and wash yourself in the shower and you can’t get any kind of lather up with the soap!

6. I am looking forward to the end of school holidays. Kids everywhere on bikes and scooters… I imagine the poor old grey nomads will feel similar when they see us coming.

7. Saw some sensational surf just across the road from the campsite yesterday. It was about head high and bigger again on the sets, with not a single person out. With a light offshore, it was breaking over a pretty sharp reef and the paddle out looked challenging thru rocks and reef. It was a fast breaking left hander and closing out occasionally, but it still looked amazing. I had to wonder why no one was out… I was a little tempted, but in my current shape it could well have been a suicide journey, or at very least very embarrassing. I might wait a little longer before taking on those challenges… Instead I had a pretty cruisy surf at the ‘Dunes’ beach break in warm water with half a dozen other guys. The new 7’ 2” mini-mal did its job well. These days I struggle with feeling like a coward when I see dangerous surf and walk away…

8. Why did God make ants?

9. An icy cold car air con on a stinky humid day is a beautiful thing! So glad we got it fixed before leaving…

10. Best not to fart in a confined space (like a camper). You will only get in big trouble from the other 3 people in the confined space.

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3 thoughts on “Random Camping Observations…

  1. Lea says, “Toughen up princess!”

    We are very jealous, we are longing to get back on the road. Imagine an eagle camper with 4 kids!!!!!

    Glad you’re having a great trip and looking down the barrel of 5 months.

  2. “10-4 big daddy, the rolling bacon is headed your way …”

    … which I think is CB radio talk that has something to do with Genesis ch 10 and breakfast at McDonald’s. I need to watch more trucker movies. Over and out.

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