Once a term Danelle and I take a day out to spend together talking, praying, reading, coffeeing and generally re-aligning with God and each other.

In the crazy world we live its become a practice we value for helping us stay focused on what we are doing and who we are.

Today I hope to reflect on the year that has been as well as looking ahead to 2007.

It might seem like a luxury to be able to take a day to do that, but for us it is an essential. Our ‘business’ is spiritual leadership and to be ‘out of shape’ is to do harm to those we are connected to and who we lead and share life with.

The life of a professional athlete sometimes may look very cruisy with days devoted to training and self care. In the same way the life of someone who’s life calling is mission and ministry needs to reflect similar amounts of self care and training in other areas.

Reality is many neglect the self care and re-alignment times and do so at their own peril and at the expense of those they lead. I have a sense that as we get older we start to realise the value and importance of this time more and more.

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