Re-Imagining in 2008

Over the last half of the year at Forge WA we have been promoting our stream for established churches called ‘Re-Imagine’ and next year it looks like we will have around 50 people involved from both city and country, with more in the country than the city!

We will be running a parallel program in both the city and Busselton and expect it to be really really valuable, both for those involved and for us as we sharpen our own focus and work with those still in the ‘system’.

We realise that for many people they don’t feel called to jump ship and pioneer, experiment or start from scratch. We also recognise (despite the strange things I continue to hear about us occasionally!) that God is at work in established churches and that they can also operate with a missional incarnational focus.

The ‘missional incarnational‘ is our distinctive and the primary flavour we will be shaping the year with. In essence we are talking about: mission: going out and incarnation: going deep – embedding in a particular context.

You can see what we are up to here.

I am very excited about the possibilities for mission and learning.

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