I don’t think I have ever been this ready for a holiday!

Today I taught my classes and then finished the day by playing in the staff student basketball game. Wow! I can still feel it.

We lost by 1 point to the students, but what struck me was how much harder it is when you haven’t played for a couple of years. I used to be a decent basketballer. Now…

From there it was off the Merriwa Tavern for a drink before heading to the local youth group to see what they are up to. I have been in touch with them and offered to give them a hand if they need it – not in being there each week, (I think I’d kill someone!) but in ideas, training leaders etc.

When I got home at 6.30 I was a little weary…

Roll on tomorrow – 2 weeks away in the south west of WA and the weather is even looking really good.

I might pen some thoughts while I am away – if I get bored – then again I rarely get bored so might see you in two weeks

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