Red Dirt Camping

We are on the road again about 200ks out of Port Hedland after spending the last 5 days in Karajini National Park. We lobbed in on Monday around lunchtime and after 50ks on the dirt managed to find the campsite.

Stu and co had managed to find a fantastic free campsite just outside the national park and we stayed there until this morning. We managed to survive on just 60l of water, but none of that got used for ‘personal washing’ so even though we had a few icy gorge swims we are all a bit stinky and looking actually forward to arriving in Hedland… (there’s a first!)

The weather has been cool and last night the red dust turned to mud as the rain started to fall. It broke for a couple of hours as we sat around the fire, but then drizzled till morning making for a damp, clammy night.

Karajini is a great place and the various gorges are pretty stunning. We are thinking we should have come a month earlier though to catch some warmer weather as swimming was only for the brave and the stupid!

As always it was great to share the time with some of our closest friends and to catch up on what’s been going down in each others lives. You know you have a pretty blessed life when you get to spend 5 days in a beautiful place with some wonderful people and then there are still 3 weeks left to enjoy.

At this point we are thinking we will keep heading north probably as far as Broome and into warmer weather as we are a bit over the cold and i am ready to kick back on Cable beach with one of those sensational seafood pizzas from Zanders Cafe.

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