Red Pill Anglicans

Ok – so we were both wondering if ‘this would work’…

An evangelical mission focused Baptist coming to speak to a group of recently ordained Anglican priests about emerging missional church concepts…

I wasn’t sure if I would fit in well with the group and they weren’t altogether sure if I would fit either. Fair enough.

But it has turned out to be 4 great days with a wonderful bunch of people. Over the time we looked at the challenge for the church to get back into the community (rather than getting the community back into the church) we looked at frameworks for mission, heard stories of new churches forming and established churches re-forming and finished by looking at essential practices for missional leaders.

It was great to share life with these guys, to enjoy fantastic meals, to engage in their morning and evening prayers and to hear their hopes and dreams for the Anglican church as it moves along in the 21st C.

I believe there is much to hopeful and excited about!

Thanks for taking the risk guys.

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