Reef Blues

A pair of reef shoes would have been real nice today!

With a light offshore and 38 degrees forecast, Mick and I headed up to the Alkimos at 9 AM for some waves.

It was one of those magic days you dream of. Perfect surf and the only two guys out paddled in as I went out.

Wave 1: Lefthander – ooops… where did that reef come from?! I have never landed on the reef out there, but today I did and my shredded feet are the evidence. Low tide… Ouch.

Wave 2: Lefthander – careful of that reef! Kicked out and felt my board flying further than my legrope would normally allow it to. A snapped leg rope… Or maybe it was cut on the reef. I dunno, but from there it was time to head in and spend the rest of the day snorkelling.

A beautiful day – shame about that reef!

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