Repeat After Me

“Seafood extender does not belong on a seafood platter under any circumstances.”

After 4 great days in Melbourne this was the one disappointment. Lygon St in Carlton is well known for its cafe strip, but competition seems to sometimes ring out the worst in a business as it tries to save money.

With the fish of the day being ‘basa’ (cheapest and most tasteless imported fish available) and seafood extender used in place of crab meat it was one of the least memorable parts of the trip!

Last time we ate in Lygon St we were greeted with a warm bottle of chardonnay and instead of succulent king prawns on my seafood pizza, (as the menu read) I was greeted with tiny tinned prawns…

Rant over.phenomenon download

6 thoughts on “Repeat After Me

  1. I understand that the flavour comes from ground-up crab shells, so from that perspective it could be loosely classified as ‘seafood’ in much the same way as Nescafe classify blend 43 as ‘coffee’.

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