My good mate Steve McAlpine has been doing it tough over the last few months as it was fairly certain he had pancreatic cancer and the odds of any kind of recovery were not good.

I was just reading on his facebook this morning that it turns out to be serious gall bladder issues – which is absolutely sensational (relatively speaking…)

We’re going to catch up soon to have dinner so it will be good to hear some of the journey this family have been on as they have had to face a potential death sentence and then be given a reprieve. I imagine it would make you see life quite a bit differently!

I guess the question comes up – ‘did God heal him or did the docs get it wrong?’

And while I still believe in miracles I couldn’t give a fig which of the above is true and I am pretty sure they’ll take either option as well!

Very happy to hear such great news.

Sadly another good mate Kim Hammond has just found out that his little fella Carter has been diagnosed with leukemia – bloody terrible news – so if you’re the praying kind then I am sure the Hammond family would value anything you’ve got.

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