As of tomorrow we will have a role reversal in our family and I will be taking care of Sam every Tuesday while Danelle gets out and does what she wants to do. Danelle has been feeling quite pressed for time and is needing some more space to connect with both God and people, so we have done a swap for a day a week.

It also gives me an opportunity to look at that day from a completely different point of view. Now rather than looking at it from a ‘what can I get done?’ perspective I have to see it from a ‘what can we do together?’ angle. The day won’t revolve around Sam, but the presence of a boofy headed 3 year old boy will obviously limit some of what I normally do!

I’m doing some exploring and imagining as to how we can have fun and use the days. So far I’m thinking it might be good to:

– take Sam to the local swimming class (although I’m not sure how keen he will be on that idea…)

– choose a couple of regular jobs to round the house and make Tuesday the day to get them done.

– have some fun father and son adventures.

– food with friends in the evenings – I am going to try and make Tuesdays a night when we have friends round for dinner. I’d like to catch up with a few more people during the week, but that usually places more pressure on Danelle to cook. So I’m thinking I’ll cook and invite friends round each Tuesday night. That wayI get to hang out and she doesn’t have the stress of worrying about the cooking. I used to be able to cook quite well, but in recent years as Danelle has done more cooking and me less, my culinary skills have taken a dive. Time to arc up again!

Danelle suggested running a men’s playgroup to catch up with some of the dads in the community, but I’m not sure if there is a ‘market’ for that sort of thing. I’m not sure if I’m the kind of bloke to run it either…

Maybe 4WDing for 3 year olds or surfing and fishing for 3 year olds… now you’re talking…

However Tuesdays turn out, I am looking forward to simply approaching the day from a different point of view and sharing it with Sam as Danelle gets to go and do what she wants to.

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