We hit the road yesterday arvo and drove thru to a roadside stop south of Geraldton where we spent the night.

All good until 5km out of Geraldton I heard a flapping sound and stopped to see the camper tyre minus it’s steel belt! We managed to limp into Geraldton without blowing it completely. Of course if one tyre is stuffed…

So we are getting 2 new tyres and then we will roll on thru to Carnavonish area tonight.

The air con is good… But it would be nice if a few more servos in this area had some LPG!

At this rate it will be an expensive tripcarolina moon dvdrip download

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2 thoughts on “Rolling

  1. Hamo,

    I guess if it is going to happen then it may as well be 5k’s out of Geraldton!

    Happy travelling from here on…

    Andrew M

  2. Hammo

    There is a web site that shows all the LPG stations around Austraila. we went from Perth to Broome and from Perth to Melbourne and back only using LPG. We don’t have another choice; our car only runs on LPG.


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