Romance… or not…

People would rarely use the words ‘Hamo’ and ‘romance’ in the same sentence, however that’s not to say it isn’t possible…

Anyway today I enthusiastically said to ‘the wife’, ‘Next weekend we are in Busselton for the weekend- our wedding anniversary. What about we leave the kids with someone, book into Bunker Bay resort for a night (a new up-market & very expensive hotel) and celebrate?’

‘The wife’s’ response: “I’d rather put the money towards a compost tumbler…”

Left for dead by a bucket of grass clippings and smelly vegetable peel…

21 thoughts on “Romance… or not…

  1. Tell her the tumbler will do no good unless you get that bloody bobcat in, scrape out ALL the sand, lay down an inch of newspaper and some coffee sacks and fill the garden bed with mushroom compost.

    Then the tumbler can keep up the effort.

    Since all that will cost so much, have a weekend away!

    (This from a bloke who intends to spend the holiday money on a new bed. . .)

  2. Stick to your original plan and “whisk” her away! Romance is extra special when it comes by the male – especially in a long term, mature relationship. As I said before, we have forgotten how to love – this applies to our Christian calling and to our marriages! Romance is always a tender touch for a healthy relationship. Even when we are too “practical” to admit it. I agree with grendel GO AWAY (Grendel, hope you’re NOT talking about a flower bed!)

  3. Min size 1 cubic metre, grab some 2nd hand bricks, make 3 bays to keep it ongoing, make your own compost system, dig a hole bury the scraps, all I’m saying is, do it on the cheap.

  4. Hamo – coffee sacks, handful of worm castings then just keep throwing in your scraps with a handful of wet shredded newspaper each few days.

    Portable worm farm!

  5. Make small individual ones to sit near fruit trees – long bulky ones to prepare the ground for a new crop, plant strawberries straight into old ones. . .

    It never ends!

  6. Gardeners have always been referred to as having green thumbs – funny now that to follow the gardening dictates of my grandfather (wise man that he was) is considered ‘green’!

  7. Green is wise and wise is green such is the paradox this side of heaven!

    Hamo, all greening aside….have you changed your mind about the romantic get-away? Just holding your feet to the marital fire.

  8. hi Sojourner – a bit more complex in that we are away the weekend after at the forge festival – os it would mean dumping the kids for two consecutive weekends – not very nice for them!

  9. just reading back over this post and i think you all missed something – we’re talking romance and grendels getting a new bed… wink wink nudge nudge…!

    sorry, i’ve just lowered the bar dramatically haven’t i?!

  10. :p

    Bed for sleeping Dave – now the kitchen table on the other hand. . .

    Now that that is out of the way – dinner party at my place next week, anyone coming?

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