Runs on The Board

Yesterday we held our Forge Postcard event ‘Runs on the Board’.

One of the questions we are often asked as pioneers is ‘where are the runs on the board in experimental mission?’ Sometimes its asked with a good spirit and other times with a fair degree of cyncism. Either way we felt it was time to address the question head on so we set aside a couple of hours and held an open forum on the issue.

The format was fairly simple. Three of us – Geoff Westlake (Community Dev approach to mission), Stuart Wesley (Re-missionalising) and myself all had 15 minutes to present how we saw ‘the runs’ followed by 15 minutes of question and answer with an extended time of open question time / discussion at the end for 30 minutes.

We had around 40 people front up to be part of the forum and I think we could say it went very well.

We have made an MP3 of it, but I’m reluctant to put a link to it on here for everyone to access. Some of what was said needs to be understood in its context and there are some references to local communities. So we want to be careful how we use it. If you reckon you would find it helpful to listen to then drop me an email and I’ll figure out how to make it happen.

Otherwise you are welcome to look at my powerpoint notes here demon hunter movie .

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