Its pretty easy to take pot shots at pollies and people in positions of influence and I have done my fair share of it over the years. Sometimes you forget they are real people too with kids and families who hurt and cry like the rest of us.

This week Neale Fong resigned from his role with the Health Dept after the CCC revealed he had been connected in some way with Brian Burke and was guilty of ‘serious misconduct’. (if you’re not a West Aussie this will mean nothing to you)

I don’t know Neale well, but he was a person I committed to pray for when he took on the job as director for change in the health system. He is a Christian, a good bloke, an incredibly gifted man and also an ordinary flawed human being like the rest of us.


I imagine he will cop a fair bit of criticism over this incident and while some may be fair, some may well be the offhand smartarse comments we all make from time to time.

Perhaps its all part of being in the public eye, but I certainly feel for him at the moment.

7 thoughts on “Sad

  1. Yeah, and unlike many he took the findings as they came and resigned in an appropriate manner. Nothing in government is ever black and white but I bet Neale would recommend to all public servants that Burke is toxic. I also feel for the man.

  2. my experience of him has been great. real shame. i hope no idiots call for him to step down from being the youth vision chairman because of this.

  3. It is pretty clear from the facts reported so far that he lied….more than once.

    He also kept company with a criminal, and lied about it.

    He is very likely a great bloke, and has done much good. But quite frankly his lack of judgement in this area is staggering. If he had come out and admitted his wrong, I would have a lot more respect for him. We all make mistakes, I certainly have. But with his position he needed to be more careful than what he has been.

    And as for making smart arsed comments, it comes with the territory. And I believe Jesus more than once made a lot of fun of those who set themselves up as leaders…..

  4. Let me also make it clear I feel sorry for the bloke too, and wish him and his wife nothing but the best….and hopefully a more peaceful life from here on in.

  5. Interesting comment on the news tonight from Alan Carpenter, I think in regards to Fongs salary package, to the effect that, in hindsight, they’d hung a big target around his neck.

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