Safranitis and other crap

The whole John Safran exorcism episode sure has got people hunting for explanations.

This normally quiet blog with a fairly select readership (yes that’s you!) has been off its nut the last week as people have been googling for Safran.

Last year I made the mistake of posting about A-strali-an Id-l and every man and his dog rolled up to hear my completely uninformed observations. (I have left blanks so I don’t pull another crowd!)

I’m not sure how google works things, but every now and then I seem to land at the top of the google pile for better or worse.

The Safran one was interesting because i think it is something we ought to be able to speak to. The range of reponses indicates a readership beyond those I normally target.

BTW – those I normally target are highly intelligent, discerning, open minded, articulate thinking adults… but people like Gareth also read it. 🙂

Actually if I were to describe a target audience it would be those who are doing the same kind of stuff we are in planting churches, re-imagining church and mission, and exploring spirituality in a post-christian world.

The blogs I normally read are:

First – local – usually people who live in my own city – I guess I’m just a nosey bugger and like to know what’s going on around me.
Second – for want of a better term, those who are also in the ’emerging church’ scene both here and overseas.
Third – Nope… there isn’t a third category!…

I actually read much more than I comment on, which I imagine is the way for most people. Comments are made when I am inspired, angry or suitably motivated.

Anyway if you’re read all this then you are obviously bored today because I have been rambling inanely!

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