Sam’s Songs

For his 7th birthday this year Danelle got Sam some musical instruments which he has quite taken to. He has been crashing away on them enjoying himself then the other day he came out with two bits of paper on which he had written two songs.

I found it quite intriguing to see the inner workings and theologisings of a 7 year old so I have posted them on here, both as he wrote them (on paper) and in text that you might be able to read a little easier.

What I found amusing was the trinitarian focus in both songs. I’m sure if you ever want to understand the idea of one God in 3 persons that Sam would be able to set you straight!…

Oh God the Mity

Oh God oh mighty

You care for all of us

Your plans will never fail

You care with love

There’s only one God in three persons

Your Bible means all different words like ‘the book’

You and me look great

We shout to you to worship

When we get closer and closer to you we get to you

When we do we know that where in the safest place in the world!

This one had no title

My lord my lord all you have did my lord

You died on the cross for me

My lord he anseurs my prairs for me

My lord I said I’m safe in bed

Lord you make no mistake

Cos theres only one Lord

In three different persons

2 thoughts on “Sam’s Songs

  1. This is gold. better than some of the dross we are singing at the moment. Any news on when the album is coming out? “Backyard Boys” might be a good name for the band.

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