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We set off on Monday for a short midweek break. The last few months have been pretty busy and we have missed just hitting the road in the camper and kicking back. My mate Stu and family were taking this week off so we agreed to spend some time together and decided on Sandy Cape as the destination.


Sandy Cape is a great little campsite right by the beach at the end of a 7km dirt road just 10 Ks north of Jurien Bay. We have driven past here many times without even knowing it exists so it was with great enthusiasm that we began the journey.

The beauty of it is its proximity to the city and the relatively short drive up Indian Ocean drive to get there. We all felt like it was a breeze of a drive and that’s a great way to start.

The drive in to the campsite is along a dirt track but it is pretty corrugated so be ready for that. It’s not a big deal but it does give the bones a bit of a rattle.

camp The cost is $15/night for 2 adults and kids – cheap as chips. The campsites are large, well spread out and close to the beach. The bay itself is beautiful and because of its orientation even the sea breeze doesn’t chop it up. We took a quick drive around to the south side and saw some surf potential, but that was about the only surf we saw in the area.

stinkyThere are composting toilets and even a bit of water there for washing hands and feet. Sam found them a bit stinky and literally wore his dive mask in there but honestly its pretty good…

We spent 3 nights and concluded that is probably enough. We did some 4wding, checked out the local towns, hung at the beach, read and relaxed.

The only down side was the wind. It is a part of the coast famous for being windy and we had to contend with some pretty blustery conditions over the last few days. After a pretty ugly night on Wednesday we decided to head south on Thursday. We were trying to escape wind and finished up at our place… Stu and family are camped outside and we are just chilling with them.

Sandy Cape is a great spot for 2 or 3 nights and at the price and proximity to the city you can’t go wrong. Just try and avoid a super windy week as it does get annoying after a while!


If you stop in at Jurien Bay then you can have some fun jumping off the jetty and get a great coffee at the Jetty Café, but sadly the bakery produced some of the worst pies and pasties we have ever come across. Imagine thick hard pastry smeared with some kind of meat flavoured substance… ech…

We gave the old Cruiser it’s first real workout coming here and it passed pretty well. I’m still a little apprehensive about her as she is an old car and its going to take a while to fugure her out… But I’m slowly developing trust in her reliability. Her ‘ability’ is no issue – but I don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with her. There is the possibility of a Tassie trip at the end of the year so between now and then we will be seeing the Cruiser can be trusted with the responsibility…


So if you’re looking for a pretty cool camp spot close to home you should consider Sandy Cape. There is fishing, swimming, diving and maybe even surfing on the right day.


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