Satisfied Customer

I reckon this baby was a top buy!

Its been everything I hoped and a bit more. The only issue is navigating the smaller keypad, but I am hoping to get used to that. I really like its light weight (1.69kg) its great battery life (4 1/2 hrs) and its general performance.

It stays cool on your lap and its even good looking.

It probably isn’t as rugged as a few others, but then I’m not intending to do much in the way of mud-wrestling with it…

It feels like changing from a Ford Falcon to a Honda Prelude. That’s a bit girly for a bloke who drives a 1981 Landcruiser, but maybe its just my feminine side peeping thru. (If I keep on that track though, I’ll need to go buy one of those pretty macbooks…)nightmare detective dvd war of the roses the free

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