I love Saturdays.

For us Saturday is our day of rest, our sabbath, our time out or whatever you like to call it. Its a day to read, laze, hang out, go to the beach and generally catch our breath.

Today was a typical one.

Wake at 5.30am. Realise its Saturday and drift off back to sleep until 7.30am. Get up and curl up on the couch with breakfast and the paper. Flick the cricket on – and then off again as I realise how depressing it is.

Wash two cars with kids. Drench two kids. Get drenched by two kids.



Go to the shops and buy milk. Get waylaid by a home open and a garage sale… End up chatting and take an hour instead of 5 minutes.

Go out to help Danelle in her garden (not normal – but its too cold to take the kids to the beach). Get distracted by Sam who wants to play basketball. Shoot hoops with Sam in the street. Feel good that I can dunk on the neighbours 7ft ring and beat Sam at ‘Donkey’.

Home for a coffee and one of the biscuits Ellie made.

Read blogs while contemplating a shower.

Shower before heading out to dinner with friends.


2 thoughts on “Saturdays

  1. Strange, I woke up and flicked the cricket on and thought it was brilliant.

    Then again, it is foggy and snowy and icy outside – and I’ve got to go for a run with the dog.

  2. Thoughtful comments, to me anyway. Thinking of making Saturday a Sabbath myself – SUnday is full one with SUrf club etc.

    A friend of mine was remarking the other week that she feeld burnt out by the expectations placed on person by some friends who are Pastors and have started a new Church.

    Person needs to help set up, attend outreach bbq, then eveing church again. This is after a 5 day week, and being single and living on own – Saturday is housework. Pastor seems to high brow if late or can’t help of a Sunday.

    However the Pastors of the Church have Fridays and Saturdays off, meet for lunch, generally take it easy on these days.

    My thought – Sabbath created for man, not man for the sabbath. We have really missed the point.

    Rant over – off to rest.

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