Our weekend away was absolutely sensational!

We headed off on Friday arvo with Graeme and Sharron Mason, two close friends and went to a place called Mandurah, where we stayed at Mandurah Quays resort. Verrrry nice… No kids, great food and lots of time sleeping and vegging.

The highlight was on Saturday night when Danelle gave me a present she had been compiling over the last month or so. She is into Creative Memories/Scapbooking (photo albums) so she put together a small photo album with some shots of me from teen years to now and some quotes that kind of capture who I am (or like to think I am!)

As well as the photos there were about 10 letters from friends and family that she had collected, all telling me what a top bloke I am 🙂

On Saturday night I sat while she, Graeme and Sharron read these letters to me. It was a really special night and really affirming for me to hear what my friends and famiy had to say.

I feel very grateful for the people God has brought into my life and for the experiences I have been able to have over 40 years that have shaped who I am today.

I am especially blessed to have such a generous and fun loving wife who took the time to make the weekend so memorable. 5 card stud online

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