I have the opportunity to have a stand at the upcoming Sexpo

I like the thought of a space for a Christian presence that affirms the beauty and joy of sex and helps people see the very healthy perspective God has on sex (being the inventor and all that).

I’m still debating

a) whether I have the time and energy to pull it off.

b) whether I am likely to be able to find anyone to come with me.

c) what we would do if we were to take the space.

d) how to choose suitable people – so that we don’t lead people into a minefield. I am aware that exposure to this some of the stuff that will be there can mess some people up.

e) whether its wise to expose myself to stuff that tempts and can destroy. I am as vulnerable as anyone else!

I wonder what Jesus would do? I’m sure he’d have no qualms about being there, but how would he engage with people in ways that express both grace and truth?

If you have some thoughts or ideas then let me have them. I imagine we will need to make a decision soon as it is in May 4-7.

Update: Unfortunately (as the comments reveal) one of the ‘anti-emerging church blogs’ has linked here, written a post about me that suggests I am wide of the mark in my thinking.

Ironically I have been banned from that blog so I can’t offer my side of the issue… I’m not sure why, because all I have done is disagree with them. Perhaps if I had been blatantly rude, offensive or profane I could understand it. Sadly I have just disagreed and disagreeing is considered BAD! The person asks my opinion on this issue but I do not have the right of reply…

And no, I will not link to them!

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