Sharing the Journey

It was great to have Andrew & Jo Dowsett and family up for the day today.

They have been in Perth for 3 weeks now, after leaving a pastoral role at St Thomas Crooks church in Sheffield to come and join an Anglican church in Cottesloe with a view to possibly staying there longer term.

This is the checkout period where they sniff each other and see if they like each other. So far so good. In true misho fashion they believe that if God is in it then it’ll work out. If not then he obviously has better plans. Perth has been unseasonably cold with crazy amounts of rain and wind, so at least they feel at home 🙂

Its always great to hang out with people who share the missionary calling. So today we met up at 11 or so and headed to the park where we had crap coffee while the the kids played in the playground. After that we came home and sat around chatting, eating and drinking until 4 o’clock or so.

It was a lot of fun and I’m sure we’ll do it again some time soon.

Andrew & Jo will both be telling the story of St Thoms church at our Forge intensive later this month. It is a very innovative church that has managed to keep a genuine missional edge yet also grow quite large in an area where churches are dying fast.

I’m looking forward to hearing the story.

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