She’ll be Right

hilarys.bmp santa and pete dvdrip
This morning my brother, Loges and I rolled up at Hilary’s boat harbour nice and early all set for some surf. The wind was offshore and you can even see little bits of white water in the distance which are waves. We launched the Queen Mary, and I drove off to park the car while the other guys sat and waited – not watching as the boat filled with water…

I had forgotten to plug the bungs in! Oops…

When I got back and saw the water I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right… So… we plugged the bungs in straight away and then there was the choice… drain the boat or just go out anyway.

If you know me you’ll know that dragging her out and waiting half an hour isn’t really my idea of fun, so we decided to go for it. ‘She’ll be right!’ I thought…

The good news is we got out and back but it was a rocky ride! Unfortunately tides and winds conspired against us again and the surf was very ordinary.

But… we are learning!

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