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  1. Been a part of “these people” for a number of years. I was called to grow programs in order to grow members. It never happened and still has not happened. I resigned to return to school in order to prepare for a new direction of call. My heart remains with “these people” because the closeness I knew (still know) with them and their desire to serve God has taught me many things. I always wondered….if this kind of love for one another and this kind of commentment to God is not enough to grow a church body what is the point? God’s answer to me was that the growth was seen on the inside of each individual that served in that place. I grew there and have witnessed many people transformed from the inside out. Statistics can cast a dark shadow upon God’s mighty power to transform mighty warriors of God. When I became weary serving along side “these people” I began to say “We have the best small group ministry in town!”

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