Short List

I have been having some design work done on a logo for our team letterhead and any material that goes out in public under our name. Its not a huge deal, but in the world we live in I reckon its worthwhile having something of this nature.

I am after something simple, clean, easily recognisable, not cheesy and that embodies the idea of swimming against the dominant current of society.

I put a list of 10 different options to our team the other night and got ten different opinons! I should have known better. Still I like other people’s feedback and perceptions so here is a chance to ‘cast your vote’.

After a bit of sifting this is the short list of candidates. Lets call the top image 1 and the bottom 4. Tell me the one you would see as best depicting us as you observe us thru this blog (which I realise is only one lens)

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