SHUT up!!!

I find it really hard to concentrate with noise.

Today I did my scuba theory test. As the instructor left the room he said ‘talk amongst yourselves and you’ll figure it all out’. Well I don’t like ‘talk among yourselves types of tests’. I like ‘shut up and get on with it’ kinds of tests.

I go the bottom mark today.

Today I had the ‘know it all’ girl on my left calculating her info out loud and then trying to impress the instructor – ‘SHUT up!’, the bogun boys on my right who had ‘been on the piss till 4AM’ were giggling and carrying on, the guy next to me had gone blank and kept asking my opinion just as I was thinking and calculating…

I finished up passing no worries, but the depth calulations were almost all botched because I couldn’t concentrate. Next time I find a padded cell and go there.x files i want to believe the divx download

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