We’ve been doing a bit of singing at our Upstream gatherings lately.

We have a couple of home brew tunes and a few old faves. We’re currently working on this one… (Thanks Kev Black)

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18 thoughts on “Sing

  1. My brother put a lot of effort into putting his band “sonseed” together. I find it deeply offensive that you would mock his heartfelt white-boy reggae worship.

    Furthermore, you may not realise this but if you backmask this song and play it at half speed you discover it is actually just the miming of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Pure Genius!

  2. Nice work, Trav! I was concerned until the ‘my silly song’ lyric. Then I thought “at least they’re taking the mickey out of themselves”, cos I was gonna do it for them!

    The guitar player – big hip-move dude!!

    The fella is a useful bass player! (don’t tell me it’s synched…!)

  3. Christian music – the kind of thing you can get your whole family involved in…

    Your sister knows 3 chords on the Casio-tone

    Your mad uncle owns a guitar and knows the same 3 chords as your sister from watching Hendrix in his ‘Watchtower’ tour

    Your mum & dad & aunty Flo get to sing (make them stand behind the piano, cos they’re a bit older)

    Your other sister (not quite as good looking, and only knows 2 chords) gets to sing as well, despite being jealous of the older sister who knows 3 chords and got braces for her 17th birthday…

    A family affair!!

    Mike – have another go… it goes quicker after a bottle and a half of your favourite red!

  4. I reckon the lively fellow on the guitar wrote the song. It seemed like he had more invested in the music and let’s face it…bit of a wardrobe change and mini-makeover and his guitar style would fit into most punk bands. long until we can get this as a ring-tone….?

  5. Awesome. Actually the lead singer is not too shabby on the bass.

    I’ve submitted this to our church music team to see if they want to take things in this direction…

  6. can someone tell me if you can play this on the guitar! i think the sunday school kids would love this but i only play the guitar, chords anyone????

    p.s sonseed rule!

  7. Carl – I think the majority of the chords are E, A & B.

    It’s been a couple of months since I listened to it, but there may be an F# towards the end of the verse… Of course, if you can’t play a giddy song with just E A & B, then you’re trying too hard.

    F# would only be to prove that you went to guitar lessons that day.

    One day I’ll listen to it again, and actually make a more educated guess.

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