Small Church Big Impact

I’ve slowed my blog reading right down these days and read only a select few, but a new one popped up today that I think will be well worth adding to the RSS.

Its entitled ‘Small Church Big Impact‘ and looks at the challenges and opportunities that are present in the smaller expression of church – about 90% of Aussie churches I’d guess…

Its author is Andre Van Oudtshoorn, a local small church pastor and Academic Dean at Perth Bible College. Andre is well known for being a provocative thinker and lecturer and he has also managed to lead a small church through some difficult waters and into good health, so he knows what he’s on about.

As one who is now leading a small church – and very happy to be doing so – I have found great joy in the kind of community that the smaller expression creates. There are things that are harder when you are ‘small’, but almost anything that needs to be done to create disciples can be done well by the smaller crew.

I look forward to reading Andre’s thoughts.

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