Smashing Machine

Did anyone else stay up and watch the SBS doco entitled Smashing Machine, about the Ultimate fighting guys?

It was on last night and was quite a depiction of the lives of those involved in the sport. The bit that struck me most was how little these guys get paid.

The world championship bout in Japan netted the winner only $200000.00! If he were a boxer he’d be getting 50 million, but somehow these guys beat the crap out of each other for what I reckon is a pittance!!

I dunno Rev… Might stick to surfing…

4 thoughts on “Smashing Machine

  1. Yeah the most I ever made was $1,500.00 for a fight, and it was agains one of the greats of the sport.

    Mark was a messed up guy. I knew him pretty well, and he trained with some friends of mine. A huge waste of talent, he actually started fighting again recently. Hope he has his life together now. That doco is very painful to watch.


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