Smile – Its Good Friday

This is great.

I find myself caught in two minds every Good Friday. Part of me wants to go and join with other Christians to remember the significance of the day. But all too often I come away frustrated and feeling ripped off because we have missed the pain of the day and tried to help each other feel better about it.

Or we have done the ‘service’ and then come out and drank coffee and eaten hot cross buns like nothing has happened.

Today I just read the story again on my own and then tonight we will be watching The Passion with our community.

Its not a party night – its not a movie you eat popcorn to and laugh about afterwards, but maybe that’s the point.

We need to feel the reality of the day – the darkness rather than the light. Yes, the light comes and there is much good in the cross – but I don’t think anyone was thinking like that 200 years ago.

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