So What?

Sometimes when I speak to people about what we are doing in Brighton and how I see mission working out in suburbia they say to me ‘but isn’t that just what normal Christians are supposed to do?

I can only say ‘yes – that is what normal Christians are supposed to do…’

The problem is that they often don’t…

There is very little rocket science in discipleship – but the fact that the word ‘disciple’ also associates with words like ‘discipline’ might give a clue as to why some do and others watch.

Reality is if every person who calls them-self a follower of Jesus actually started doing the very simple stuff of discipleship then I wonder if we wouldn’t witness a huge shift in the equilibrium of our communities.

Unfortunately no matter whether you are running a mission order or a megachurch people will cruise. Maybe one ought to weed out the cruisers better than the other, but we will never escaoe it.

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