So What?

kiss.jpg Now that the first Forge intensive is over people are asking me was it a ‘success’? Or was I happy with how it went?

The short answer… yes.

In terms of a valuable learning experience and life shaping encounter, for many of those present I’d say it was definitely those things. For some I’d say it was very stimulating, but maybe ‘not their bag’. I’m not sure anyone would have considered it a waste of time.

The word that comes to mind to sum up what I saw people feeling is ‘disturbance’. I know several people who were disturbed, by what they heard and its implications for their life and ministry. Someone once said “you can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it”. I feel for these folks who are committed members of established churches, but disturbed at some of the undergirding philosophies that drive those churches. (Which is not to say that all is bad)

It raises the question – is it healthy for us to disturb people in that way?

If I answer that for myself I say ‘most definitely’ – I have appreciated the disturbance and wouldn’t be here today without it. Often growth and pain go hand in hand.

I’ll be praying for those who are feeling disturbed.young frankenstein dvdrip download

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