Soft Unity?

If you are an Oz reader then you may be aware that relationships between churches and denominations vary significantly around the country.

My understanding (from afar) is that Sydney has its own peculiar dynamic with a small number of heavyweight denominational groups jostling for ‘pole position’. Ocasionally when I have been around NSW church leaders who have come across feisty and narky I’ve been told ‘its the Sydney thing. They have learnt to fight!’

On the other hand we here in Perth seem to all get along very nicely for the most part. There isn’t much in the way of animosity, un-cooperativeness etc. We even have the huge ‘Church Together’ annually where every church in Perth is able to join in a spirit of unity and worship together. It is a unique event on the ecclesiatical landscape and one that I am very happy to support and endorse.

However the other day a friend suggested that what we actually have is a ‘soft unity’. By that he meant a unity that actually doesn’t interact with points of difference – even if they are significant – but chooses to overlook them in the name of ‘unity’. It is a position that can ultimately lack integrity because we may end up compromising large parts of identity.

I have been pondering this.

Do we have a ‘soft unity’ here in Perth?

And if so is a ‘Sydney’ type situation more authentic and therefore more desirable?…

Just a simple question to start your Wednesday morning!

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