Somebody needs their butt kicked and HARD

After15 years of buying a home and paying a mortgage, we have been fortunate enough to be able to raise sufficient equity to obtain a loan for an investment property.

It is purely a build and sell type of deal (spec home) with the hope of developing some retirement funds and some funds to help others with.

When the quotes came back from the builder all was well, except that they had quoted earthworks at $9000.00 instead of the more normal $3000.00-4000.00. Their engineer’s report indicated that they were unable to dig into the site at 200/400/600 ml.

I went there today with a shovel to test this.

I dug in the exact same places as the engineer and in 5 minutes with minimal effort I had dug three holes 600ml deep.

Something is very wrong here.

I’m sure this is how young couples get ripped off when they build for the first time. We know and trust the builder, but I reckon his engineer might be getting more than just a swift kick up the backside.

The difference between what it should be and what he has quoted us is around $5000.00 Who’s got a spare $5K to kick around?

eat your heart out aka skinned alive divx download

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