Sometimes you need to feel it…

Last night we met for our Upstream Community Meeting and it was my turn to lead again.

We are currently working our way thru Luke and I had chapter 22. What a chapter!

The more I read it over the week the less I wanted to ‘study’ it and the more I wanted to help people get immersed in it and feel it. This is one powerful story with so much to learn.

So here’s what we did (Again, this is for those who wonder – ‘what do you do when you get together?’)

When Darkness Reigns

1. I read the chapter with a few embellishments and additions trying to help people feel what it was like to be there. (If I had time i would have paraphrased the whole chapter and written it as I imagine it to have been.)

Settle people

Everyone else to listen and feel it. Imagine being there and allow yourself to engage with the action.

Read slowly with eyes closed.

As I read it I want you to see what scene captures your imagination and mentally bookmark it to come back to. We’re going to use our imagination to tune into the story, to explore it, to learn and listen to God.

2. Reflecting on the story

Track back to the scene that captured your attention and sit with it imagining what is happening there, how the people in that scene are feeling – the atmosphere – the tension in the air – the anxiety – whatever it is that fits with the scene.

Allow yourself to be a bystander – an onlooker – close enough to know exactly what is happening – yet discreet enough not to get entangled.

Guide: As I sit here I see” I feel”I wonder”

Sit with it for 15 mins

3. Sharing stories.

Tell your story…

As I sit here I see” I feel”I wonder”

We can all add on as we see our story fits.

4. Reflecting

What did we learn as we did that?

This is a pretty simple exercise, but for those able to use their imaginations it is powerful.

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