We had a great weekend with the two different Forge intensives, but today I am feeling the effects. Phil McCredden was over to help us launch ‘Re-imagine’ and after a full day of seminar on Friday we drove to Busselton and back on Saturday followed by the Sunday of Forge and church that evening in our home. Phil has some brilliant insights to offer for churches wishing to think creatively about their future. His stuff gets better and better each time I hear it.

I got up this morning for a retic day, not really wanting to do much at all.

The first house I rocked up at had fixed the problem but not told me… ‘thanks :)’

The next house was a lovely old couple from the local Baptist church with a real mess of a retic system. Its one of those jobs where I don’t think I will make any money, but it’ll be nice to help them out. Because it was a big job I told them I’d come back tomorrow.

Then I went down to the main job for the day – a beachfront house in Quinns where ‘Scotty’ lives – a retired cockney Londoner. I was due to install the front retic and hook it up to his bore. As I arrived I could see the ground hadn’t been levelled. Part of me was a little annoyed and another part of me saw a great way to have a day off! So I stopped and had a tea and a chat on his front verandah for an hour or so before heading back home.

I’ve had my morning coffee so I might go back to the old folks home and see if I can make sense of it all…

Then there is another freebie for a friend, before kicking back for the evening.

Sometimes days don’t turn out as planned – sometimes that’s ok too isn’t it?

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  1. Hamo, Do you use articulated risers for your pop-ups. They are great for unlevel areas (it does depend on how unlevel), but it allows the landscaper/homeowner to adjust the sprinkler height after installation.

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